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Health survey to help determine fertility rates and contraceptive usage in Migori

Migori County has launched a health survey aimed at establishing fertility levels and contraceptive prevalence among its population.

The survey dabbed 2022 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS) is aimed at pointing out the basic indicators of maternal and child health and will be aided by The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).

During the launch on February 18, at county headquarters, Migori County KNBS Officer Flex Juma said that the health care data generated will be useful in monitoring and evaluating demographic and health-related policies and Programmes both at the national and county level

“KDHS is a standardised series of national-level surveys that focus on the demographics and primary health care indicators,” affirmed Juma

He added that of all 36 clusters identified, a total of 25 households in every cluster will be sampled, encompassing the heads of the households within the age brackets of 15 to 54 and 15 to 49 years for men and women respectively.

Juma optimistically stated that the collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders will ensure that the survey is a success.

He urged Migori residents to cooperate with the KDHS data collection officials for the accomplishment of the survey.

Migori county Assistant County Commissioner Edwin Barasa gave an assurance of the survey feat through mutual aid of local administrators and the KNBS team. 

The health survey will last for six months and will be conducted in all the ten Sub Counties of Migori County.

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