Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Angry Kenyans fighting hunger on Twitter

Hungry Kenyans on Monday took their anger to social media, asking the government to reduce the skyrocketing cost of food.

Through hashtag #LowerFoodPrices, they blamed the government for increasing the price on fuel, which they blamed for increased cost of production, hence high cost of food.

They also called out the government for their failure to invest in agriculture, raising the prices of fertilizers and generally poor markets and market access to small holder farmers.

Food prices have been increasing in Kenya since 2006 according to Kenya Agricultural Institute. Prices of staple food such as maize, wheat and milk skyrocketed making access to food for poorer sections of the population difficult leading to food insecurity in many households.

And on Monday, Kenyans said enough is enough, and now want the constant politicking stopped, and leaders act.

“Kenyans are struggling to put food on their tables. We ask the Kenyan government for nothing but lower the cost of food stuff. Price reduction should be pushed like hoe, BBI was pushed,” Plosigei posted.

“Why rob us Kenyans?? We are suffering. Lower food price, we are dying!!,” Bernard Kipsura wrote.

“We have to conduct a countrywide protest! Twitter trend isn’t enough. We can’t be buying 1kg of sugar at Kshs 250 and 1L of cooking oil at Kshs 290 bana. This is exploitation! Is Kenya even a country? There is no equality in this country. The poor are starving,” wrote Mejja.

“Kenyans are HUNGRY and can no longer take this. August 9, may seem not far but it’s more far for Kenyans. The standard of living is overblown and exaggerated. TUMECHOKA!” wrote another Twitter user.

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