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High emotions as Jalang’o officially quit radio to concentrate on Lang’ata Parliamentary race

Popular media personality Felix Odiwuor aka Jalas on Wednesday, January 9, officially quit radio job to concentrate on his Lang’ata Parliamentary race.

Jalang’o hosted his last show at Radio Africa Group owned Kiss 100, punctuated with emotional moments.

“This is so hard but we are always going to be together. It’s your dream and I know its gonna come through for sure. Lang’ata people you have the best in this guy, it’s not a gamble because we are letting him go to you so that he can serve you the same way he served all of us,” said his co-host Kamene Goro.

Kamene couldn’t hold her tears back as she said that she is optimistic Jalas would come out as the victor and he would be able to represent the people of Langa’ata constituency at the National Assembly.

“I begin a new chapter to go and try my hand in politics. I feel it’s the right time after being told for many years that ‘young people your time is coming’, but we are not young anymore,” said Jalang’o.

“It is a dream that I’m going to try and be a different kind of leader and show my people that good leaders still exist,” said Jalang’o.

“Big shout out to you my brother Jalas, najua una anza a new career but please where you are going I know you are going to fight for the rights of people. I wish you all the best in the elections, and I hope you get elected as Lang’ata Member of Parliament. You are a good man and it’s been great working with you and we pray for you,” said Mike Mondo from Classic 105.

“Skiza bro najua utashinda, na ata ukishinda umekua number one every other day. Ukishinda rudi radio we love you so much and remember you’ve always been number one na utakua number one na hakuna mahali utaenda…, we kissing all the way to the top,” noted Churchill.

“Jalang’o, from the day you walked into the studio, we had the best time you, I and Larry. You learn fast, you’re hungry, you don’t stop, you don’t want to wish that you did something later and as you embark on this new journey, I would love to wish you luck though it’s not luck with you, you tend to set your heart at something and you go for it. I want you to make it your best shot. We wish you the very best,” noted Caroline Mutoko.

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