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Local TV content remain most preferred by Kenyans

Kenyans prefer local media content, according to a 2021 survey conducted by the Media Council of Kenya (MCK).

Using a sample size of 3, 589 respondents across the 47 counties, 70 per cent preferred local content as opposed to 30 per cent who consumed foreign content.

Then survey indicated that 83 per cent of people living in the urban areas consumed local content while 18 per cent in the rural areas preferred foreign content.

The report also revealed that only 15 per cent of women preferred foreign content with an additional 5 per cent in the case of men going for foreign content.

At least 80 per cent of the respondents mentioned news, entertainment, religious and sports content as being the most watched content on TV.

Approximate 16, 740, 493 Kenyans aged 15 years and older consume TV content on a typical day; this translates to 58 per cent according to the research.

This is a drop from 74 per cent of the respondents recorded in the 2020 survey.

The survey also showed that only four per cent of the respondents accessed TV through online platforms while 64 per cent used set top boxes.

Compared to 74 per cent in the previous survey, the year 2021 had 58 per cent of the respondents who watch TV for 30 minutes in typical day.

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