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‘Kishash’ hit one million views on YouTube

Upcoming artist Lil Maina is one of the few artists who did well in 2021.

He seemed to have started his 2022 with a banger, having released his latest single ‘Kishash’ being listed as one of the top streamed track on Spotify, hitting one million views on YouTube.

After telling his fans that he would be working with another sensation Ndovu Kuu, fans were so eager that they couldn’t wait for them to release the song and to their surprise they didn’t disappoint.

‘Kishash’ is a slung for happiness, which, in the song, is explained to be as a result of feeling high.

Lil Maina has understood the power of laughter, taking his funny skits on Tiktok and Instagram, coupled with bizarre lyrics, and has not only elicited positive reactions to Kenyans but also attracted an avalanche of fans. 

Jeremy Maina aka Lil Maina is a Kenyan based comedian who found a niche in his dark humor and rose to the limelight playing a prank on his grandparents, goofing with them in the most ordinary occasion using his phone.

This in turn has made him gain 102, 000 followers on Instagram alone. He started his music career a year ago releasing his first song ‘Stretchmarks kwa Haga’.

He has also done duets with upcoming artist such as Kahush, and Wizo Tano Nane who is widely known for his Kwani ni Kesho street.

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