Monday, February 26, 2024

Clergy calls for political tolerance ahead of August polls.

The Reformed Catholic Church of Kenya has urged politicians to practice tolerance ahead of the August polls.

The church’s national Godfrey Shiundu noted that reckless statements uttered by politicians witnessed in recent days threaten the unity of the state.

“We all know where reckless statements got us in 2007. Many Kenyans regretted belonging to a country with reckless leaders,” he stated.

He explained that judging the latest statements uttered by politicians and the political intolerance in utterances and deeds, there is every reason to be worried.

The bishop was speaking on Wednesday at a thanksgiving mass in Bumula Constituency, Bungoma County where the church was celebrating 25 years of service.

He also urged the youth to avoid being used to disrupt political events and rallies terming it the worst mistake the young people would make.

“Being young is a blessing you given by God. Use this gift to build your country, not demolish it,” he urged.

The church is the latest entity to weigh in on the need for caution from the politicians after incitement claims have emerged among politicians in recent weeks and political rallies being disrupted.

“As a church community we urge our people to refuse influences to engage in political chaos,” he said.

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