Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Netizens fry comedian Eric Omondi for stealing Vinnie Baite’s content

Comedian Erick Omondi has become the punching bag for netizens accusing him of stealing colleague Vinnie Baite’s content.

In his latest content shared on his official Instagram account, Eric Omondi is captured chewing what looks like ‘jaba’, synonymous to Vinnie’s way of comedy.

Netizens accused Omondi of running out of content, and now looking for anything to hold on to, including raiding Vinnie Baite’s content.

Vinnie Baite is a comedian who is known for chewing ‘jaba’ while passing his jokes.

“So unataka kuchukua nafasi ya vinnie baite hahaha no content buda alfu unapigania muziki,pigania content yako kwanza,” Lizomkamba commented.

Levis Vitalis wrote: “Sasa unataka kukua vaite, presidents don’t copy.”

“Naona una copy vin vaite bro,” wrote Kusiboi.

Martin_Muthuri wrote; “Achana nayo”

Omondi has been the talk of town lately as he tries to remain relevant in the entertainment scene, with followers raising issues with the nature of his content.

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