Monday, February 26, 2024

Ol’Lessos Technical Training Institute gets new principal

Weldon Yegon has taken over as the new principal of Ol’Lessos Technical Training Institute, replacing Dr Rosbella Chwuku.

Before the new appointments, Mr Yego was at Masai Mara Technical Training Institute.

Dr Chwuku is headed to Sangalo Technical Training Institute in Bungoma on the same capacity.

There was celebration at the Ol’Lessos on Wednesday as stakeholders welcomed the new principal.

The changes come amid management wrangles which faced the institution.

Ol’Lessos Member of County Assembly Emanuel Mengech who supported the changes said the Ol’Lessos community had requested for the changes due to the leadership wrangles at the institution.

He pledged to support the new leadership to help restore public trust in the leadership.

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