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Why you should be worried in Kisumu if you are not a registered voter

Kisumu City Manager Abala Wanga has proposed that eligible but unregistered voters be barred from public places.

Wanga feels that this is the only way through which Raila Odinga’s vote base can be maximised.

Wanga who spoke during Raila’s 77th birthday celebrations at Mama Ngina Children’s Home in Kisumu on Friday said that support to Raila can only be shown through voter registration, and not by word of mouth.

“Most people only shout about their support to Raila, but some of them, especially the youths do not even have national identification cards,” said Wanga.

He said that people accessing public places such as markets should undergo verification to ensure that they are registered voters.

“We must now put down measures to ensure that people register for the national identification cards and subsequently register as voters,” he said.

Wanga called on those sensitizing the public about voter registration to change tact, by avoiding roadshows which he said were proving not to be effective.

His sentiments come barely a week before the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) begin the second leg of the mass voter registration set for January 17.

“Let us take this opportunity to registered as voters so that we can truly support Raila for the presidency,” he said.

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